a cheap close​-​up of heaven

by So Totally

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released December 1, 2016

these songs were recorded/mixed in our south philly basement between July 2016 and November 2016. all songs written by SO TTLY.



all rights reserved


So Totally Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

so totally (in love)


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Track Name: i can't wait
i'm trying to be careful. the shit that lingers, i can't see clearly. what's supposed to happen now? i'm doing nothin.. i can't wait to drown out the sounds when you're around. pathetic star, burning out..
Track Name: lead & alchemy
lead and alchemy, the idea's nice. blood from effigies will never taste as sweet. just dry, i'm high.. who's "next to kiss" or "kill" list do i appear highlighted? who's coming for me? i want to taste the real thing. follow me home (i'll come in through your window, eyes lit in the horror glow and hold you close)
Track Name: rare form
you hold your cigarettes wrong with the same hands that pull from mine. they could be doing great destructive things but you keep them together when they're idle.. you don’t smile. warm some thoughts before they leave your mouth, you always load your gun before you leave the house. great vulture are you here to watch? i'm in rare form..
Track Name: late gloomer
it’s in the floors, it’s in the walls. don't pretend like you don't even know me at all. it’s made of the backlight dimming endlessly to find a lapse in time. nothing lost and nothing gained. too high but it’s fine, no one can remember what it was like. so if you want to die, why don't you? no one cares if it’s raining out. no one cares if you hate yourself. it’s on the floors, it’s on the walls. don’t try to hide all the things that you've done. a blank slate to cover up the cut and paste. close call, take all, the notion of a better place. too stoned, i don’t know how you can live with yourself when you're alone. if you want to die, why don't you? no one cares if it’s raining out, no one cares if you hate yourself

trace (you love to trace out the lines) leaving the notion out there, a fragment floating halo.
Track Name: easy leave
the showers don’t burn off regret anymore. when i'm down, my friends just say "yeah i bet" and return to their own problems. there is no easy leave, life is nothing but stuttering. i tried to tie it off at the end but it grows at a rate that’s too quick to beat. there is no easy leave. Hosanna, i am the highest. for a cheap close-up of heaven, i was getting myself lame. technicolor, euphoric dreaming. a love turned gold then black again.. Hosanna, i am the highest that i have ever been (covered in gold, too heavy to hold)
Track Name: zoetrope
so what have you done on your own but sit quiet or get stoned? a mix of the faces you’ve known. two halves that fill up a hole. it’s a wreck to be such a wretched kind of boy.. complacency leads you straight back to the void. i know what you are, i know what you do. so give me some slack here, give me some room to start something new that will impress you. can’t you see the blood on my teeth when you’re near me?